"I've always sought to create timeless designs that resonate with the wearer on a deeper level. Personalised jewellery is intrinsically special, and I am so honoured to be able to create pieces that are so much more than just beautiful items. The meaning behind each piece is the true gift as each one holds a story of its own."

- Naomi
(Founder of Noémi Eśka Jewellery)

Noémi Eśka Jewellery was founded in 2016 by husband and wife, Artur and Naomi. What began as a personal project (designed together at their kitchen table) spiralled into a love and passion for creating jewellery of a deeply meaningful nature; after all, what's more personal than a fingerprint?

Each piece is lovingly created, by the two of them, in their home studio in the cotswolds, using a combination of ancient and modern techniques.

"From our hands, to yours."