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Fingerprint Bracelet (Solid Gold)

Precious Metal:
Custom engraving:

Keep your loved ones with you forever with our deeply personal Fingerprint Bracelet.

Each piece is handmade to order using your loved ones true fingerprint, which you’ll capture at home using the Impression Kit included. With that in mind, each piece is entirely unique and so will differ to that pictured (that's the beauty of this piece.)

These bracelets are custom sized and therefore I will require your wrist measurements to ensure the best fit. Please use the cotton twine provided inside your Fingerprint Impression kit to measure out a comfortable length for your bracelet - simply wrap it around your wrist and cut to size, and send back to me with your fingerprint impressions.

Please note: This piece is not suitable for children under the age of 1 as fingerprints take up to twelve months to fully develop. 

The prints of elderly loved ones may also vary as fingerprints fade with age.

How does it work?  

Once your order is placed, I’ll send your Fingerprint Impression Kit out to you. You can either choose to gift this (it comes beautifully presented) or else produce the prints right away, and send them back to me using the pre-paid envelope provided.

The kit contains everything you need to take your prints at home, and includes a detailed instruction card with supporting photographs of the super simple process.

Once your prints make it back to me, the magic can begin. Your print will be lovingly turned from compound into precious metal before being returned to you packaged in our signature white and gold gift box.

Please note: My current turn-around times are 3-4 weeks from when I receive your impressions back from you.

For more information on lead-times and the process of creation, please visit my FAQ here.

*Whilst we will always do all we can to stay within the provided time scales for the creation of your special piece, these are provided as an estimate only.

Age Consideration

Please note that this piece is not suitable for children under the age of 1 as their fingerprints may not yet be defined enough to carry across into precious metal.


If you would like your bracelet customised in any way (i.e. a different thickness of chain, laser engraving, the addition of a birth stone,) then reach out to me at prior to ordering.



Please note returns are not accepted on this piece due to its personalised nature.

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